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Co teaching in all 6th-8th grade math courses 

Last Updated: Oct. 28, 2013, 10:48 a.m.

For this year, the proposal to have students take a test in January and if they pass take Algebra I at CRLS is now very different. Students can take the test, but if they pass, they will be offered the chance to take an Algebra I class AT THEIR SCHOOL. Depending on school, it will either be BEFORE school from 8-8:45 three days a week [VLUS and PAUS] or AFTER school from 3-3:45 three days a week. [RAUC, CSUS, Amigos]. Buses should be available. I have a number of questions on how this option will work in practice - notably how students learning different content will be able to do 8th grade math during the day and keep up with the Algebra pacing - how does 3 45 minute classes get a student through content that takes CRLS students 5 85 minutes classes each week? However, it's great that it is with a teacher and great that students won't have to travel to CRLS. There will still be the option of doing mostly an online course. Also, for the next school year, for 2014-15, the proposal is to follow the Common Core pathway for accelerated learning in math - whereby students complete the full Common Core Algebra I by essentially having accelerated math for 7th and 8th grades. Along with the promise of an accelerated pathway is a promise of summer programs which will be offered at no cost to families. NOTE: this has been copied and pasted from a Patty Nolan post on cpsparents yahoo group.

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