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My name is Elechi Kadete. I was born in Tanzania, East Africa. I have lived in Cambridge, MA since I was 4 years old. I received my elementary and high school education at the then Joseph Maynard School, the Maria Baldwin School, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. In 2012, I graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in business and minor politics. Cambridge's outstanding public school system and programs offers students of all races, economic backgrounds, and learning aptitudes incredible opportunities. Many parents and students wisely take advantage of the resources Cambridge has to offer. At the same time many parents and students remain unaware. Let us all work together to make everyone aware of these opportunities in order to help each student achieve his and her academic potential. What makes me DIFFERENT? I am the only candidate running for school committee who is a recent graduate of the Cambridge public school system. I went to a four-year university, graduated, and presently working in Cambridge. In addition I have seen firsthand the results of the Cambridge public school system. I have friends who went on to college then to acquire a higher education degree. On the other hand, I have many talented friends who were unable to attend college, acquire an education, hold a steady job, and now many of them struggle. For a city with incredible resources such as Cambridge this is unacceptable.

Candidate Stances

Co-Teaching (Two Teachers) In All 6th-8th Grade Math Courses

Support Very Strongly

Math can be a difficult subject to learn and adding more teachers means adding more support. Support which can benefit all of our students especially the ones that struggle.

Full Time Cpsd Data Analyst(S) To Examine Cps Student Data

Support Strongly

We need to take a closer look at the data then use it to make effective change.

Fy15, Fy 16 Budget Line Items

Support Strongly

Yes, probe the candidates because for example budget issues are highly important. How we spend our money now in the school system is not right because our return on investment is mediocre. We spend over 25,000 thousand dollars per student and our return on that spending should be much better.

Improve Transparency And Fairness Of The Kindergarten Lottery And Enrollment Process

Take A Stance

K-5 World Language Education

Support Very Strongly

Learning a second language is important because of globalization. The world is becoming smaller and many of our counterparts in other countries can speak two to three languages by the time of high school graduation. We need to provide our students that opportunity and learning a second language is much easier at a young age.

Keep Separated Honors Classes At Crls


We need to make sure all our student receive a great education. I want all our students to to take honor classes and advanced courses. I want to know why some students are ready for honors classes while others are not.

Lengthening The School Day

Support With Reservation

We need to make sure that our teacher have enough time to cover the core subjects and curriculum. If that entails extending the school day then we must take a serious look at it.

Separated Accelerated Algebra I Classes For 7th And 8th Graders

Support Strongly

We need to challenge all of our students. Thus, if we have students that are ready for 7th and 8th grade Algebra then that option should be available to them. At the same time we must support the students that are not ready figure out how we can help them then bring them up to speed. We want the best for all our students.

Technology Needs In Classroom


Our students need to learn technology because possession of this knowledge is key to acquiring jobs and staying relevant. At the same time our students need to interact with each other and develop their social skills.

Universal Junior Kindergarten

Support Very Strongly

We need to make universal JK accessible to all students and make sure we develop and maintain quality JK programs.