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Dear fellow Cantabrigian, I am a candidate who can provide a fresh perspective to the City Council. Born in India of Persian ancestry I have made Cambridge my home since 1973. Ever since coming to Cambridge I have immersed myself in the community and worked to give back to our great city. I have participated in the Greater Boston Interfaith program since 1992, served as a member of Cambridge Peace Commission for seven years, and volunteered regularly at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter for over a decade. Now I am running for City Council to ensure Cambridge remains a great place to live for all who make Cambridge their home. If you are looking for a candidate who is a knowledgeable, articulate advocate for environmental, energy, and housing issues then I am your candidate. I am a Diplomate Environmental Engineer and member of civil and environmental engineering societies that promote environmental activism locally and globally. I have worked on public works projects which have both aided the environment and saved taxpayers thousands of dollars in water bills by reducing extraneous flow entering into wastewater treatment plants. I have also built housing projects and medical diagnostic centers for low and middle-income residents. If you are looking for a candidate who is dedicated to core Democratic values then I am your candidate. I have worked tirelessly for local, state, and national Democratic candidates since 1988. I have been a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic State Committee since 1999 and Chairman of the Cambridge Democratic City Committee for Ward 4 since 1994. I was also a vice president of the Electoral College in 2004 and proudly voted for John Kerry for President. If you are looking for a candidate who is experienced with labor and issues affecting working people then I am your candidate. I served on the Executive Board of the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists from 1990 to 2003 and have been endorsed by them in this election. If elected, I will put workers' rights first. I look forward to working with you on the path to victory on November 5th. By giving me your #1 vote, you will be supporting a candidate who represents dedication, experience, and diversity. I encourage you to contact me so I can speak with you personally and I would be honored to receive your #1 vote for City Council.

Candidate Stances

Abolish Involuntary Poverty In Cambridge Over The Next Five Years

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Cambridge Is Experiencing Serious Traffic Gridlock Morning And Evenings


I would encourage the expansion of public-transportation and bike and car sharing programs that lead to less crowded roads and less pollution.

Campaign Finance Reform

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Community Walk And Bike Path Along The Grand Junction Railroad

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Investment In Our Public Schools

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Low And Medium Income Housing -- Increase In Density Or ....

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Yes, I believe Cambridge will increase in density as it grows; however, the city should work hard to ensure its character is maintained. I am committed to increasing the availability of affordable housing in Cambridge both by designating more space in new developments as affordable housing and by building more housing stock total. I believe there should be housing built for low-income and middle-income families. There should be more low-rise apartment buildings in West Cambridge where there is more space available. There should be more 2 or 3 story mixed-use buildings on Mass Ave. Central Square should offer a combination of retail, residential, and office space that allows Cantabrigians to live, work, shop, and relax in the same place. This type of development is a more efficient use of our limited space and will help keep Cambridge’s community strong while the city grows.

Low And Moderate Income Housing -- Inclusionary Zoning Results In 25% Affordable Housing.


Net Zero Buildings

Support Very Strongly

Global warming is one of the most critical problems facing us today and we must take affirmative steps to combat it. I completely support the goals of the proposed net-zero energy petition. We must reduce carbon emissions from many sources including the development projects that would fall under this petition. As an environmental engineer I have seen firsthand the effect that construction projects have on our community. It is essential that future development is environmentally friendly. Requiring net-zero energy standards encourages the use of alternative energy sources that create less carbon emissions and will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

One Year Moratorium On Construction To Study Impact Of Development On Livability.


A moratorium on these projects would halt the growth of the high-tech industries that the Cambridge economy relies on and would cause these companies to move to other states. If these companies leave, Cambridge would be forced to raise residential property tax rates.

Plan E Charter

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Privacy -- Police Public Safety Security Cameras


Public Toilets On Cambridge Common

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Reject Dramatic Up-Zoning Changes In Central Square.

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I am not in favor of dramatic up-zoning changes. Eight stories are more than enough to allow for any potential increased density and increased housing stock that Central Square needs. Cambridge should maintain its character as it develops.

Terms Limits


I support term limits. The city council continually needs new blood and new ideas. Challengers of diverse backgrounds, professions, and educations should be encouraged to run.

The Foundry

Support Strongly

I strongly support using The Foundry building for community uses, including arts space, non-profit space, and for space for small local entrepreneurs.